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Program for the Education of the Girl Child (PEG-C)

There is no doubting the fact that the girl child is disadvantaged in several spheres within the context of the Nigerian society. PEG-C is designed to address the imbalance so created and build a platform for the realization of the full potential of the girl child in such a way that she can contribute reasonably to the evolution of a better society. PEG-C seeks to :

  • Encourage female enrolment in school particularly in the sciences
  • Create a platform for the discovery and development of talents amongst our girls through the establishment of a separate Science Fair Program (PEG-C Science Fair) solely for female students.
  • Expose promising female students to international challenges in a bid to grow their confidence.
  • Source for sponsorship and scholarship for intelligent but indigent female students
  • Create a platform for the rehabilitation and reorientation of young females hitherto involved in vices such as prostitution and drug abuse
  • Establish a link between the female students and accomplished female scientists through our net work system and thus guarantee a mentorship base for would-be female scientists.
  • Assist in the training and re-training of female teachers especially those in the sciences with a view to building their capacity
  • Provide proper counselling against the ills of exam malpractice, teenage pregnancy and child marriage.