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Teachers' Development Programme

The  National Teacher Development program (NTDP)  was set up to meet the following objectives:

  1. Raise both the intellectual capacity and morale of existing teachers.
  2. Address the lack of interest shown by people towards the teaching profession, and as a result attract better brains into the sector.
  3. Guarantee the nation a better and productive tomorrow through the agency of proper youth development program driven by adequately trained and sufficiently motivated teachers.
  4. The teachers already enjoying the advantage of having the most contact with our youths shall thus be effectively mobilized and galvanized to serve as agents of positive change in the society, waging silent wars against such social ills as examination malpractice, youth restiveness, e.t.c.

Lets keep the dream of the NTDP alive, become our partner. Put a smile on the face of a teacher today. Support the NTDP!