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Board of Trustees at Genius Illumina

Prof. Akaehomen OKonigbon Akii Ibbhadode / Chairman: Mr Ibhadode’s colleagues described him as “someone with a great zeal to achieve results.” The Head, Department of Production Engineering, University of Benin, where Mr. Ibhadode has worked for 29 years, Andrew Odior, described him as “intelligent and hardworking.” “He loves to research; he is always working on something because you will never see him without research tools,” he said. The school’s Dean of Engineering Faculty, Fred Edeko, said Mr Ibhadode’s research could reduce the country’s importation and save the country billions of naira, “which could be diverted to develop other areas like health, education, infrastructure and other things.”
Mr. Ibhadode is a visiting professor at the University of Johannesburg with over 80 publications and seven to his name. He has won other awards like the 1988 Edwin Walker Prize for his research paper, ‘Effects of billet location in completely closed cavity die forging’, and the 2001 National Universities Commission outstanding contribution award for building two-hand made three-horse power petrol engines.

Dr Jerry Orhue Dr. Noghayin Jerry Orhue / Executive Director: Dr. Jerry Orhue holds a PhD degree in Biochemistry from the University of Benin where he currently works full-time as a senior lecturer and researcher. He has an uncommon passion for youth and educational development. With over ten years of working in youth development, Dr. Orhue is a familiar voice at youth development summits and conferences. His passion derives from the many painful but rich experiences he had while growing up as a youth. He has a sacred mission to encourage the despairing child and help them realize their full potentials. He says to them everywhere he goes “If I could move against the odds, then you have no reason to fail”

Dr Orhue is linked with several international organizations promoting Science and Technology Education including

  • The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair(Intel-Isef), U.S.A
  • Intel Educator Academy.
  • The International Sustainable World Energy and Environment Project Olympiad, Houston, U.S.A
  • International Movement for Leisure Activity in Science and Technology
  • The Oswego Genius Olympiad, New York, U.S.A. and
  • Expo Science International

Dr.(Mrs) Martina Awele Adaikpoh Dr.(Mrs) Martina Awele Adaikpoh / Member Secretary: Martina Awele Adaikpoh holds a PhD degree in Toxicology and Environmental Biochemistry from the University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. She is currently a Senior Lecturer of Biochemistry in the same University and has been a major player in education, at different levels, for twenty eight years. She is well published in reputable local and international journals.
Her passion for improvement in the teaching and learning of science was borne out of the steady decline in student enrolment into the science and technology faculties, in the country’s tertiary institutions.
Her membership of professional and non-governmental organinzations reflects her passion in science and technology in general, gender and youth development in particular. The professional associations include;

  • Nigerian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (NSBMB)
  • Nigerian Society of Experimental Biology (NICEB)
  • Organization of Women Scientists for the Developing World (Formally known as Third World Organization of Women in Science, TWOWS)
  • International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists (INWES)

Prominent among the non-governmental organizations she is involved in,is Genius Illumina Development Initiative(G.I) where she is the director of administration. Her hobbies include walking, reading, travelling and watching movies.
Dr Martina Awele Adaikpoh is married with three children.

Prof.(Mrs) Ahbor Dolly Awani Ighoroje / Member

Prof. Geoffrey Obinna Anoliefo / Member