The operations of GENIUS ILLUMINA is based on the following firm convictions.

  • That proper be qualitative education is the surest guarantee for sustainable development. It remains the key for both personal and national emancipation from the grips of under development. Therefore, any nation that fails to educate and develop her youths, mortgages her future.
  • Any investment in education that is not directed in solving the problems in the society is a wasted investment. It is therefore the goal of GENIUS ILLUMINA to help develop a project-based, practical approach to learning that will enable both the teacher and the student, better appreciate and effectively contribute to the quantum of knowledge in their respective disciplines. The central idea is to gradually transform every student into a researcher and to provide them with an opportunity to help find solutions to social challenges. In this way, the child is taught to see him or herself as part of the solution and not part of the problem.
  • That proper and qualitative education is the right of every child. It shall therefore be the goal of GENIUS ILLUMINA to ensure that no child is denied this right on account of poverty, social status or geographical location.
  • That what makes a nation great is not her land mass or the size of her population but the relevance and volume of her products. If a nation is unproductive or uncreative, it is a strong indication that there is no end to her slavery. We also believe that a well informed and effective work force is indispensable for overall national productivity and that this can only be guaranteed by an effective education system. GENIUS ILLUMINA shall therefore ensure that creativity and innovations become major ingredients in our education development program.