NAFESS is a powerful way Genius Illumina engages young students with science and technological developments and advancements. NAFESS, a festival, stems from the science communication sector, and is driven by engaging the public with scientific research. It focuses on cutting-edge research and new technologies.

The National Festival of School Science (NAFESS) was conceived in November, 2004 as an initiative of Genius Illumina (GI) with the clear objective of encouraging the teaching and learning of Science, as  a catalyst for Sustainable National Development. The target group is young talented Nigerians in Secondary Schools, many of whom have no opportunities for self-discovery and actualization.

The first Science Fair was held in January, 2005 at Imaguero College Hall, Benin City, with the cooperation of the Edo State Ministry of Education. In spite of huge financial and logistic challenges over the years, GI has continued to maintain this platform, creating a forum for the discovery and development of young scientific talents across the length and breadth of Nigeria.

It is the goal of GI to help raise a generation of Nigerians that are thoroughly furnished theoretically, and sufficiently equipped to address national challenges through the coordinated use of both the head and the hand. Since inception, alumni of the National Festival of School Science have been making steady progress, developing capacity in various fields of human endeavor both within and outside Nigeria. Intternational recognitions received by NAFESS Alumni include the Intel Grand Award, Award of Excellence by the American Navy, United Technology Ltd, USA Special Award for contribution towards solving energy problems. This is in addition to 2 of our representatives being selected amongst the ten most intelligent kids in the world at the 2009 Intel-ISEF.

Apart from attendance at the Intel-ISEF, Genius Illumina kids have also been opportuned to feature in notable International events such as the international Sustainable World Project Olympiad (I-SWEEEP) based in based in Houston Texas, the Expos Science International (ESI), a programme of the International Environment Science Project Olympiad (INESPO) based in The Netherlands.

All these have been made possible through contribution from sponsors and Genius Illumina’s growing credibility and expanding affiliation network.

The most significant self-reported impact of attending and participating in the NAFESS festival is the development of increased interest in and curiosity about new areas of scientific knowledge within a socially stimulating and enjoyable setting


GENIUS ILLUMINA has continued to encourage the establishment of School-based SFPs and National Festival for School Science. We our activities nearer the student and his teacher and create a far reaching network for talent discovery and development.

Capacity building for teachers in such schools and their states is usually built into the total package. This is with a view to ensuring that adequately trained manpower is available to drive the program in such environments and guarantee sustainability. GENIUS ILLUMINA is non-discriminatory and will be willing to assist any school or state government in the establishment and running of local science fair programs.

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